ATK Audiotek Implements New System Design Strategy with Powersoft Amplifiers

atk-audiotekFinding ways to streamline the different aspects of designing, transporting and setting up complex audio systems is a constant challenge for sound companies. ATK Audiotek, a leading sound company that has handled high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, national political conventions, the Grammy Awards and the Academy Awards, to name a few, recently instituted a new system design approach revolving around a single type of power amplifier to drive all types and brands of speakers. To bring this design strategy to fruition, ATK purchased 450 Powersoft DIGAM K10 AESOP-equipped amplifiers to drive its inventory of JBL VerTec speaker systems along with other brands of speakers.

“We wanted to have one universal amp pack that has all the necessary flexibility and configuration capabilities to operate our full range of speaker cabinets,” says Scott Harmala, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering for ATK Audiotek. “This includes the VerTec sub-woofer, two-way and three-way speakers, as well as other brands and speakers that we designed ourselves. We have been considering this one-amp-for-all approach for a number of years and we believe that the Powersoft amplifiers were the best choice for many reasons.”

Like most sound companies, ATK had created specialized amp packages for particular speaker types such as two-way or three-way. However, the packages contained different amp brands, with different sizes, weights, mains requirements and output power. ATK found that this traditional approach created logistics confusion and difficulties when deploying into the field. On considering the purchase of Powersoft as the amplification backbone of its entire operation, ATK saw the many benefits of the K10 as a huge piece to its plan for the future of powering its considerable investment in the speaker systems. Each K10 weighs only 26.5 lbs. and takes up one rack space making the amp packages light weight and compact for trucking and handling. ATK can now fly the amplifiers off the stage to reduce the backstage equipment footprint. Because the K10 runs at over 90-percent efficiency, it draws much less AC power making system power distribution much easier and attainable. In this age of green consciousness, this is a big plus.

“We started looking at them about four years ago and we had to do a double take on the tested specs,” Harmala continues. “The amplifiers are extremely efficient, don’t produce a lot of heat and deliver a ridiculous amount of clean power for its size. We started rolling them out delicately on some of the shows since December, 2009, to get familiar with them and they have been remarkable. Our new approach is now standard for our systems and the feedback from our clients and road engineers are that they not only like the new universal amp packages and the system flexibility, but also the sound. It’s a noticeable improvement over our previous amps. As we add the DSP cards and Powersoft’s Armonía control software, our systems will be further streamlined and tuned to the VerTec and other speakers in our inventory. This will save us time, headaches and money.”

“We are extremely proud that a company with the industry stature of ATK has based its new design strategy entirely around Powersoft,” says Claudio Lastrucci, managing director of Powersoft. “K Series amplifiers are highly reliable, great sounding and are efficient to use from both a hauling/setup and a power consumption view. Our advanced green-inspired design is leading the industry.”