ATK Audiotek Presents Custom Subwoofers

Powersoft_M-FORCE1ATK Audiotek of Valencia, CA, production sound provider for the annual Grammy Awards telecast for the past 14 years, augmented its audience PA system for this year’s ceremony with prototype subwoofer cabinets utilizing Powersoft’s innovative M-Force transducer technology. The proprietary sub bass system, designed and developed by ATK in collaboration with consultant Mario Di Cola of Audio Labs Systems in Italy, offers a package that significantly outperforms conventional subwoofers and produces a natural and controlled sound with negligible power compression even at the highest sound pressure levels.

ATK first began evaluating its new subwoofer design on the audience PA during production of the most recent season of “The X Factor” television talent show in Los Angeles. Each cabinet incorporates an M-Force moving magnet linear motor with a 30-inch polypropylene cone and is driven by a single Powersoft K10 class D amplifier generating 9,000W. According to Scott Harmala, ATK Audiotek’s CTO and VP Engineering, as the company continues to develop the design, the next iteration will incorporate a specially developed Powersoft amplifier module capable of delivering 15,000W that has been designed specifically for integration with M-Force by Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft’s head of R&D and co-founder.