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Elite Audio Services from ATK Audiotek

We specialize in audio services for broadcast and live entertainment, and we are trusted experts in our field because of our unyielding commitment to exceeding expectations on every project.

Corporate Events

For more than 30 years, corporate events have been an ATK mainstay. From convention centers and theaters to sports arenas and stadiums, we’ve helped major corporations communicate with, entertain, and enlighten thousands of customers.

Political Events

ATK has been fortunate to assist with national political events for decades, guaranteeing that every major party platform and plank is heard (and only heard at the correct time).

Special Events

Whatever your special occasion—from a world-renowned religious leader addressing a mass gathering to a corporate meeting attended by thousands—we have the right gear and expert team to support it.


The spectacle of a championship-caliber event requires audio support at a level far beyond the ordinary. We’ve been an industry leader in sports-based audio production both in the US and abroad for years.


When your event is broadcast live to millions around the world, your audio must be impeccable. We’ve successfully supported live televised events for decades, ensuring excellence for every seat in the house and at home.

See how renting our equipment can best serve your needs.

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